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  css ok, moving on to front-page manager
  | | by nydel
after the last session, we see a fairly-straightforward home page interface for this instance of cl-homepage version 2.0.1a ... however, i am adding this post by hand directly into the file holding the posts. instead, i will now develop a small databasing system, weiging the options of sql, sqlite, text, sexpr, csv etcetera.. but instead of get all tied up with that immediately, let's first design a front-end for users to handle submission of the cgi data. will report back when that is ready to be examined.

  version 2.0.1 alpha of nydel's common lisp homepage software begins development
while most of this implementation of the website is not functional, we will be working on it dilligently over the next months, as well as adding content & super cool tools for everyone to utilize. also, the common lisp source along with a linux-shell scripting solution for process daemonization will be developed and made available on one of our favorite version control systems, likely github. contact me about becoming involved in development of an add-on-supporting ever-expandable yet simple common lisp-based w3 homepage software written in common lisp as its own webserver meant to function behind apache, nginx etc.

  a philosophical examination of suicide →
  pdf available here

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